QDo you sell new or used vehicles?
We sell both new and used vehicles! With over 3800 vehicles to choose from, it won’t be a problem to get you into a new or used car.
QHow large is the Auto Loans Canada company?
We currently service all of Canada for automotive financing. We have a full team of 20 credit advisors to help you with your loan approval and have helped thousands of people get into a vehicle.
QHow does the application process work?
Our car loan applications are completely free and one of our credit advisors will walk you through the entire process. Click here to read more about the process start to finish.
QWhat is the interest rate for auto loans?
Interest rates all depend on your credit history. The better your credit, the lower rate we can get you. There’s no need to worry about the rate as our staff will fight for you to get the lowest one possible.
QHow long does it take to get approved?
Approvals happen very quickly with AutoLoan.ca. In most situations we can get you approved and into a vehicle with a day or two.

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