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Credit Matters

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As anyone who has already tried to secure car loans in Toronto for themselves will be able to tell you, it all comes down to the credit score. Granted, this makes a lot of sense when you consider the situation from the lender’s perspective. They need a way to guarantee that they’re not taking on unnecessary risk by approving you for car loans in Toronto, and the way that society has come up with for tackling that problem is the credit score. It’s a three-digit number that looks insignificant at first glance, but it’s probably the single most important figure when it comes to the kind of life you’ll be able to build for yourself.

Tricky Situations

If you already have a terrific credit score, you’re home and dry—there’s no need for any help from us, since you have it already figured out. Unfortunately, that’s simply not a reality for a vast majority of hard-working adults.

Through no fault of your own, you could well end up with a credit score that seems to only entitle you to impossible loan terms and frightening financial obligations you’re just not able to take on. We know how difficult being in that situation can be, and that’s why we’ve come up with a number of specifically designed services designed to help you out, no matter how it is you wound up in the situation you’ve wound up in.

One reason you may not have that ideal, 850 credit score is that you’re new to the whole experience. After all, we all have to start somewhere. Nobody beings their credit history journey with a perfect score, which is a fact we’re all aware of. But that doesn’t always mean dealers and lenders give you a fair deal on your loan when they’re taking into account the fact that you’re new to credit. Indeed, it can be a real headache to try to even get the ball rolling on your car loan in Toronto when you’re relatively new to credit.

We understand that all too well here at That’s why our new to credit services are designed to make life as easy for you as it possibly can be. We do this in a number of different ways, which results in an overall process that is relatively painless as well as comforting, since we can guarantee you’ll be able to finance car loans in Toronto with our help, no matter how new you are. is proud to say that we receive the most favourable interest rates from Canada’s major banks in the entire country. While we don’t expect you to take this on faith (give us a call here and find out exactly how we can promise such excellent terms), we’re sure that after you’ve got started in your new-to-credit loan process with us, you’ll understand to exactly what degree we practice what we preach.

New To Credit

Applying to a car loan in Ontario if you’re new to credit is a straightforward, stepwise process. The first thing you need to do is fill out our online application. We know you’re probably sick to death of online applications at this stage—sometimes it seems like you can’t go anywhere on the internet without signing up for some service or other.

That’s the reason we allocate one of our highly experienced, knowledgeable team to help you out with the online application process on a one-to-one basis. No matter who you are or where you’re applying from, we’ll be here to help you with every single field. After all, online applications aren’t nearly so bad when you’ve got someone on hand to explain exactly what it is you’re doing.

The next step is one which is common across all the services we offer to various credit score holders. We offer you a choice from our highly-specialised catalogue of over 7000 vehicles. No matter what your requirements or needs are, you’ll be able to find the perfect car for you. And once you’ve found it and gotten approval for the loan, we’re so confident you’ll be happy with your choice that we offer you a risk-free opportunity to return it within 30 days. No matter what.

No Credit Score

There’s also the possibility that credit isn’t unfamiliar to you, but for one reason or another you don’t have a score yet. This could have to do with any number of different factors, none of which are cause for undue stress. Whether it’s because you’ve only recently applied to your first credit card, or whether it’s because you’ve had a credit card but just haven’t had the chance to build up a proper credit history yet, we’re here to help you out.

As well as helping you secure car loans in Toronto, for those of our customers who have no credit score yet, we offer the ability to help you build up your credit score. After all, we know that the car loan isn’t the end of the story, no matter how much we wish it were. We understand the process of credit score calculation back to front, and we can advise you about exactly which purchasing strategies are going to offer you the best possible chance to ensure that your first score, when it arrives in the mail, is as good as it can possibly be.

Although it’s not well known, car loans can really help your score. Combine this with the experienced team who’ll be here to guide you through every step of the process, and you’ll find that is a one stop shop when it comes to securing car loans in Toronto with no credit score.

New To Canada

The third kind of service we offer to our customers is aimed at people who are new, not to credit, but to Canada in general. We receive a ton of new individuals every single year, and for those who aren’t in the know, the process of going around and trying to get going with the credit system here in Canada can be confusing, not to mention potentially overwhelming.

That’s why our specific Newcomer credit service is probably your best shot at getting started in the least unmanageable way possible. We’ll guide you through the steps required to get started, and we’ll explain exactly why we’re making each decision as we make it in order to best equip you with the tools you’ll need to create a financial life for yourself here.

Poor Credit Score

Maybe the toughest way to attempt to secure car loans in Toronto is if you have a bad credit score. Whether it’s a result of unforeseeable natural disasters causing stocks you own to plummet in value, or whether you’ve been the terribly unfortunate victim of identity theft, the lenders who are going to be considering you for car loans in Toronto aren’t likely to look far past the score itself.

We know how this can be a painful and trying time, which is why we offer a two-fold service for those customers of ours with less than perfect scores. As well as helping you to secure your dream car in a no credit car loan, we’ll also give you advice on how to go about repairing your credit score, so that not only will you have a car by the end of your relationship with us, you’ll also have the information you need to make sure that your score returns to perfect health, sooner rather than later.

Contact Us

While these four services comprise the bulk of what we offer, we’re aware that it’s impossible to answer every single question that may arise. That’s why we’d love you to get in touch with us if there’s anything that’s still confusing. Getting car loans in Toronto is tough, but it doesn’t have to be agonising, and if there’s anything we can do to help make your own journey a little less trying, we’d really like to hear about it.