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Credit Matters

If you have just started your search for a car loan in Guelph, you will quickly discover that credit matters. All lenders require some kind of proof that you are a responsible borrower who is capable of repaying loans, otherwise they will not grant you approval. This guarantee is provided through the form of a credit score.

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Your credit score is a three-digit number that takes a variety of credit components into consideration what making its calculation. The higher the score, the better your credit – at least in the eyes of any lender.

Unfortunately, an individual’s credit score is the be all end all when it comes to financial responsibility. However, we know that this is not really the case. Any number of life circumstances could have led to you being in a position where your credit score is not as high as you wish it were. It might even be nonexistent.

For this reason, we believe you should not be prevented from getting a car loan in Guelph, no matter what you credit situation might be.

Car Loans with

Our services are available to anyone who might be struggling to obtain approval for a car loan in Guelph that they may need. So if you have a high credit score, you are already on your way to getting a car loan without our help. Congrats!

However, if you have found yourself in a position where your credit is not good, you have definitely come to the right place. At not only will you be provided with a Guelph car loan approval, but you will also be given the chance to simultaneously rebuild your credit.

It is a simple three-step process to get your new vehicle. Just fill out our online application, choose which car you want from our selection of over 7,000 new and certified used vehicles, and tell us where to deliver it within Ontario.

Since we approve applications from everyone, if you are new to credit, new to Canada, don’t have a credit score, or even bad credit, we can help you!

New To Credit

It is pretty common for anyone who is new to credit to have difficulties finding a lender willing to approve their car loan in Guelph. If you look at it from a lender’s perspective, without an extensive credit history, there is no proof that you are a reliable borrower.

However, when you apply for a new credit car loan in Guelph with you will not have to worry about dealing with these difficulties. You do not need to have an already established credit history to obtain your approval with our specialized services. The reason we started this is to provide our customers with the best car loans in Guelph possible, without them having to worry about their financial status.

Our application process has never been easier. Although it may feel like just another online loan application, it will only take you about 15 seconds to complete. All you need to do is input a few personal details. Once you have submitted your application, you will most likely hear back from us within a day or two with your approval.

Newcomers To Canada

Similarly, we also offer new credit car loans in Guelph to anyone who may be a new resident of Canada. Your credit history does not follow you when you move to a new country, meaning you are starting from the beginning when it comes to credit. Since you are new to credit in this way, you will likely have a difficult time getting a car loan approval. can help you start your new life here by providing you with the loan you need.

The goal of our accessible car loan services in Guelph is to ensure our customers are provided with a positive experience from start to finish. We are aware that banks and financial institutions can be impersonal and almost intimidating, which is the exact opposite of how we want you to think about us! Our friendly support staff have been trained to give you the best experience possible.

If you are ever in need of any assistance throughout the application and car loan approval process, do not hesitate to ask! There is no such thing as a silly question at

Another part of our services are geared towards people who may have found themselves in the strange situation of having a credit history, but no score. There are a number of reasons or circumstances that might have led to this occurrence. For example, if someone has just turned 18 and applied for their first credit card, there will be a record of their credit history but not enough data to calculate their credit score. This means that lenders do not have sufficient evidence of their reliability as a borrower despite the fact that they have a credit history.

No matter what reason you may find yourself in this situation, will still be able to provide you with the no credit car loan that you need. Absolutely no credit score is required in order to get approved with our services.

Additionally, a car loan is a great way to build your credit history in Guelph. Oftentimes a small credit card account is not enough to quickly build up your score. A car loan will help you to reach your goals much more quickly through regular, on time payments. One of our expert team members will be able to help you understand the best way to get your credit score to what you want it to be.

Bad Credit Score

While there are a variety of reasons why you might be having trouble getting a car loan in Guelph, a bad credit score is one of the most problematic and frustrating ones. There is no likelihood of a bank or other financial lender approving your loan application once they see you do not have the greatest credit. This means you will likely be spending most of your time applying for loans only to be rejected again and again. This can be extremely disheartening.

There is no reason that your credit score should hold you back from getting the car that you deserve, especially when you may be in this situation through no fault of your own. That is why offers bad credit car loans in Guelph so that anyone can get the financing they need for their next car.

Owning a car is a convenience that most people living in Ontario can’t go without. Not getting a car loan can keep you from living your day to day life. That is why we believe everyone deserves having their loan approved, no matter their financial status. With us, you will not only get financing for a car but you will also have the chance to get your credit back into good standing.

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Do not let your credit history, or lack thereof, get in the way of getting the car loan in Guelph that you need. Choosing to finance your next car will ensure that you receive the loan approval that you have been searching for. All of our customers can be guaranteed of receiving the best loans at the lowest rates Canada’s leading banks can offer.

Contact us today if you want to find out more information or have any questions. One of our team members would be more than happy to assist you with anything you may need.