The Top 5 Sports Cars Of 2019

Posted by on June 10, 2019 @02:03:39 EDT
A red Ford Mustang.

Cars don’t have to be purely utility vehicles, used for nothing more than shuttling groups of people around from place to place. Although that accounts for a large percentage of what the driving populace use their automobiles for, there are plenty of options out there for people who prefer something a little zippier, a little sleeker, and at least a little more expensive.

Let’s get something straight: cars can be beautiful. Reducing them to their versatility is missing a lot of the main point of a car, to some people’s eyes, and we’re inclined to believe them. Here at, we know that cars can be works of art just as much as they can be incredibly useful pieces of machinery. And what better way to highlight the artistic side of cars than the sports car range, the members of which are designed to be fast, fun, and fantastic to look at?

While it goes without saying that purchasing a sports car isn’t going to be a viable (or even preferred) option for many of us drivers out there, it’s also true that sports cars are purchases some of us love making. In the following article we’re going to break down the Top 5 Sports Cars Of 2019, and hopefully help you demystify the complicated, information-heavy world of car specifications out there.

Where Does Price Come In?

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For the purposes of the article we’re not going to focus too heavily on price point. It’s a given that sports cars are going to be tougher on your wallet than less technologically advanced, mechanically-specific makes of automobile. We’re going to be looking instead at what these cars do best, and comparing them according to those metrics: how they look, how they perform, and how they drive.

After all, a sports car is a custom-built piece of machinery. It was designed to be drivable, and it was designed to be driven at higher speeds than a lot of other more standard kinds of automobile. This is by no means an exhaustive, or even definitive, list of the Top Five Sports Cars Of 2019: nobody can promise you that, and we’re no exception.

What this list is, however, is a great place to start when you’re researching purchasing a sports car made in 2019, and we hope that by the end of the article you’ll have enough information to be able to conduct your own research and make your own decisions, using the five cars chosen for the following list as an approximate guide. But who knows? Maybe you’ll wind up buying exactly one of the models we’ve included on this list—that would be great, too. Either way, let’s dive straight into the list and get to talking about what makes some of these sports cars so great.

The Top 5

1. Mazda Mx05 Miata

This offering from Mazda is an effort to cut driving back to the very bare bones. What makes driving fun, and why do so many of us like doing it? Rather than distract from the issue with fancy bells and whistles, the Miata is a gorgeous, low-slung car that reminds us why it is we enjoy spending so much time on the road in the first place.

Let’s start with the force offered. The 2019 model is a massive improvement over earlier incarnations in terms of power. A 2.0-liter I-4 engine comes with a 7,500-rpm redline, and generates 151 pound feet of torque as well as up to 181 horsepower. Weighing almost 7 pounds more than the 2016-2018 models—which will barely even be noticed given the massively increased power on offer—a telescoping steering wheel and rear-view cameras are standard on all models.

Despite the added power, fuel economy has actually improved, to between 34 and 35 miles per gallon on the highway, depending on whether it’s being driven in manual or automatic, respectively. Bilstein shock absorbers and limited-slip differential improvements increase the ability of this car to stick comfortably to the road, meaning you can push the envelope out further in terms of performance without needing to worry about a bone-rattling ride.

The clutch and gear shifts are smoother and sharper than before, and when you combine the higher redline and extra power of the 2019 Miata with the improved suspension and chassis construction, the car feels a lot more urgent on the road. Happy enough to rev freely, the Miata is a joy to drive and makes a powerful statement out on the tarmac, whether that’s trundling around in the city or tearing it up on the highway.

2. Subaru WRX

Aggressively designed with sharp, strong lines and thrilling curves, the Subaru DRX is a pleasure to look at, if a little intimidating. The WRX model launched in 2014, and the 2019 offers a range of improvements on that original car, including suspension tweaks, and clutch modifications. An upgraded infotainment system mean that it’s not just fun to drive, it’s fun to sit in.

But let’s be honest: it’s a lot more fun to drive. Ready to tear up any backroads, this car provides old-fashioned driving fun. Four-wheel drive on offer all the time adds excellent grip to an already sturdy chassis design, and the technological refinements haven’t taken anything away from its potential to function as a proper sports car. The WRX is gung-ho when it comes to sportiness—it wants to push the boundaries, and it does so in style.

A turbocharged 2.0 liter flat four engine offers up to 268 horsepowers and 258 pound feet of torque. The six-speed manual gearbox allows for rasping, powerful changes, which strength and energy can be unleashed at any time owing to the four-wheel drive. While the engine may struggle a bit at low revs, that’s a problem more than compensated by the 6,700 rpm redline the WRX is just dying to get to. Maximum horsepower is delivered at around 5,600 rpm, which means that screaming down the road isn’t so much an added bonus as it is a given.

It’s not all upsides, of course. The suspension is lacking, so you probably can’t expect a smooth a ride as is offered by some of the WRX’s competitors. The engine, though powerful, is loud, and the poor performance offered at lower revs is a real downside if you’re going to be doing a lot of city-driving.

3. Ford Mustang

A red Ford Mustang.

The original, grandaddy of American muscle cars, the Ford Mustang’s 2019 model is as crude and as cool as ever before. A huge amount of updates since the 2018 edition include suspension and safety measure improvements, an even more powerful V8 engine, a wbrand-new automatic gearbox, and interior comfort modifications to make sure that tearing up the road doesn’t mean tearing up your own spine in the process.

The new gearbox offers ten different speeds. Supposedly designed to improve mileage, what it really does is improve the Mustang’s performance, speeding up the 5.0 liter engine’s 0-60 time massively. A very un-Mustang like improvement that has been made is a quiet mode that you can program in to the exhaust—while not the most thematic change, given the Mustang’s raw power and frightening strength, it is nonetheless a welcome one as it allows the car to be driven more comfortably in urban, residential environments, without causing any heart attacks.

The engine offers up to 444 horsepower, which can make handling a little less than optimal from time to time, but with the collision avoidance braking system and active lane keeping steering (not to mention adaptive cruise control, which is quickly becoming a standard feature in this newest, 2019 range of sports carts) it’s not a problem which can’t be solved. All in all, an excellent offering from the model that more or less wrote the book on what it is to be a sports car.

4. Volkswagen GTI

An altogether more subtle option than the previous entry on the list, Volkswagen’s GTI range of cars have been proving they know what they’re doing since way back in 1983, and the 2019 upgrade is no exception to the rule. Compact and fun, the dynamic handling and feisty, 2.0 later four-cylinder engine comes standard with a six-speed manual transmission, which can be upgraded to a seven-speed dual-clutch if you feel the need.

The mileage isn’t really anything to write home about, given that the 31 highway mpg is lower than most of the competition in this class of car, but the responsive steering and sport-tuned suspension systems make for a ride that’s as pleasurable to drive as it is to be a passenger in.

Coming with a six-year, 72,000 mile warranty, Volkswagen’s traditionally excellent engineering is obviously something they place a lot of faith in; and when you add in the perfect safety rating from the National Highway And Traffic Safety Administration, it starts to look like more and more of a contender for the title of the best sports car in 2019.

5. BMW M3

At one point the last word on sports cars, the BMW M3 has to deal with a lot more competition nowadays, but the 2019 model is more than equal to the task. Weighing in at just under 1585kg, the twin-turbo 3.0litre six-cylinder engine offers up to 465 horsepower, and is compatible with either a standard, six-speed manual transmission or an additional eight-speed automatic.

Remaining rear-wheel drive in keeping with its pedigree, the higher roofline and four doors don’tt take away too much from its potential to ferry passengers around, meaning the 2019 model of the M3 is more versatile than its more recent ancestors. At home on the highway as well as tootling around quiet city lanes, the top-notch suspension and adaptive driver assistance systems ensure that it’s as comfortable to ride in as it is fun to drive, and you don’t need to worry about being unsafe in residential areas.

Stunningly designed and coming in a range of different colours (we like the electric blue), the BMW M3 range is always going to be a serious competitor in any list of sports cars, and the 2019 offering from the German automobile giants is no different. A solid all-rounder that won’t let you down on any front.


So there’s the list: our Top Five Best Sports Cars In 2019. We’ve endeavoured to review each one objectively, while focusing on the important points that sports cars need to prove they can handle—power, ride quality, versatility, and looks. We hope that this list is helpful for you to keep in mind while you start exploring the sports car market, if for no other reason than to remind you which are the qualities that combine to make a top-of-the-line sports car.

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