Why Are Millennials Choosing to Finance over Leasing Cars?

Some of life’s most stressful moments for millennials in Ontario involve finances.
Think about everything that revolves around it; your rent/mortgage, retirement, your kids and…

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Do I Need A Down Payment For My Car Loan?

If you’ve decided to take the plunge and invest in a new car, there are a lot of things to take into consideration, from why…

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Do I Have To Pay To Access My Credit Score?

Your credit score is undoubtedly one of the most important numbers in your life.
This single figure is a numerical representation of your credit history…

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What Is Your Credit Score Used For?

Very few numbers in your life matter as much as your credit score.
This single, all-important score is used to determine many things in your…

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The Ultimate Guide To Autonomous Vehicle Technology?

Finally, after what seems like decades of promises and dreams from Hollywood and science fiction, the age of the fully autonomous vehicle is almost upon…

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Is It More Cost Effective To Get An Electric Vehicle In Ontario?

Quite a few people in Ontario have and currently are considering an electric vehicle. Thanks to the growing popularity of electric cars, it’s understandable why…

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Top 8 Best Cars For First Time Buyers

A major milestone is many people’s lives is when they finally get to purchase their very own car.
Getting a hand-me-down from a relative is…

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What Is A 0% Car Loan?

When looking at buying your new car, you may have come across a very attractive looking option: the 0% car loan.
Anything with zero percent…

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Advantage of Buying Your Car From the Same Place You Get Your Car Loan

There’s no denying that trying to secure car loans in Toronto, as well as car shopping can be a frustrating and entirely consuming process. Everyone…

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Top 10 Cheapest Used Cars On Toronto’s Kijiji

Getting your first cheap used car is almost a rite of passage for many first time drivers.
In the past, you could usually find these…

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